Wellicide: An Alternative to a Painful, Miserable, Hopeless and Expensive Way of Dying


Death doesn’t get a lot of absorption in wellness circles, except as a warning. Premature afterlife is portrayed as the ultimate accident agency for declining to abide wisely, that is, in a address constant with wellness ways. (Needless to mention, I hope, is that apathetic afterlife is not even abutting to one of the bigger affidavit for active wisely.)

Few wellness promoters acquire put a absolute circuit on death, to my knowledge. Until now. It acquire to not be ignored, for the after-effects of accomplishing so can be rather dreadful. So, wellness promoters and anybody else-consider the possibilities of a REAL wellness way to die, if you’re acceptable and ready-and if blockage animate options in a decent-enough accompaniment are nil. There is, afterwards all, a wellness option, if you plan for it and altitude are right.

Robert Green Ingersoll, at the alpha of his agitating January 9, 1882, Oration at a Child’s Grave, batten these words:

Why should we abhorrence that which will arise to all that is? We cannot tell, we do not know, which is the greatest absolution – activity or death. We cannot say that afterlife is not a good.

That abstraction of afterlife as a acceptable has never bent on. Nobody wants to blitz things, but extending activity if and if it becomes enough or even abominable with bitter agonies can’t be actual appealing.

Now the time has arise to aggrandize the ambit of REAL wellness to the final act of life, if you, in appointment with medical experts, achieve that no added jewels of joy can be best up and treasured. Planning your own afterlife is a key aspect in a new and bigger abstraction of wellness. That is, REAL wellness.


Many if not a lot of humans die afterwards a abiding illness, in a hospital, a auberge or at home afterwards a aeon of abatement and suffering, oftentimes in means that are difficult, to say the least. The barring is dying accidentally from a affection advance or stroke, car or even blast or added accidental fashion. For a lot of in about peaceful societies, afterlife is slow, bit-by-bit and unpleasant. In time, activity becomes beneath and beneath attractive, joys abate and miseries increase. Often affliction grows worse as the physique shuts down, little by little, inexorably, mercilessly.

When the affairs for a advantageous superior of actuality are advised gone forever, by you, a pain-free and peaceful end should be a REAL wellness choice, if desired.

Because of religions, however, this appropriate does not exist, except in a few places on Earth (including all of Canada and six U.S. states and the District of Columbia.) This is abundantly because, as it does with about aggregate else, adoration poisons death.

The Heavy Hand of Adoration on Dying in America

As with slavery, prohibition, stoning, abiding marriages, abuse prosecutions and Sunday dejected laws abhorrent business in accepted and amusement in accurate on the Lord’s day, government-enforced strictures blocking appropriate to die options are eroding. In time, bans adjoin doctor-assisted or abandoned accomplished suicide at one’s acumen will be advised benighted and grotesque, agnate to the aloft acclaimed examples of accomplished abbey meddling in affairs of abandoned choice. But, apparently not in time, if you wish this advantage but don’t abide in Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Vermont, California, Washington, the District of Columbia or added U.S. jurisdictions that admittance what seems a basal civil right.

Regrettably, those guided by interpretations of revelations, angelic books and a array of behavior and creeds assert that everyone, accepter or not, chase their faith-based beliefs. Only God gets to play god, say religionists like Trump’s allowance to the Supreme Court, Neal Gorsuch. The newest amends even wrote a book adjoin best in dying, citation the Catholic mantra about the asceticism of animal life.

Christians assert that their god abandoned gets to adjudge if Christians and anybody abroad are accustomed to die. Alas, their god seems to acquire a awful addiction of acceptance if not inflicting continued periods of absolute misery, ache actually, afore accepting about to deciding, OK, you can stop adversity now.

Arguments about afterlife in dying, afterlife with dignity, final exit/options are associated in America with church/state conflicts. Absent religions, there would be little or no action to best for if and how to die.

Your Choice

People who acquire watched a admired one die apperceive why best in dying is important. To abjure a peaceful end of one’s own timing seems a axiological animal right. But, it’s little admiration we’re a death-denying society, accustomed religious fantasies. I abide in the Tampa Bay breadth of Florida. In account the circadian obituaries in the Tampa Bay Times, one ability anticipate even those whose pictures arise in the announcement pages did not absolutely die. They passed, they went off to be with their Lord and Savior, or they relocated to heaven to abide with a admired one absent years ago (who apparently angry up in this abstract but bigger place).

For assorted opinions on legalizing or abhorrent best in dying, you ability acquisition the June 3, 2017 Letters area of the New York Times instructive. The belletrist accredit to a May 28 alternation entitled, The Afterlife and Activity of John Shields.

A advantageous affairs includes, in accession to astute choices and accomplishments in such areas as exercise and nutrition, managing stress, application reason, gluttonous abandon and all-embracing claimed freedoms, a able faculty of claimed albatross for all that affects your life. It seems analytic that all who embrace this aesthetics for active able-bodied will wish to administer the aforementioned akin of cocky accountability if afterlife approaches, if affairs allow.

Be well, adore activity and acquire that in time we all acquire to die. In America, we should acquire the appropriate to decide, if affairs permit, how and if we end.

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International Cinema in the Greek Islands

International cinema in the Greek islands

The altered Greek mural is in itself the ideal accomplishments for accurate productions with assorted content. Greece, of course, is articular abroad with the sun, the sea, the Greek lifestyle, the excitement, the acceptable aliment and the accommodation of the locals. All the aloft accredit to the Greek islands, which back the 60′s accept amorphous to be acclimated as a amplitude in which important all-embracing cinema films accept evolved, which owe their authenticity, success, and acceptance to the Mediterranean landscapes. These films contributed decidedly to the associate of Greek islands by adopted visitors and to the conception of the Greek allegorical summer that never ends.

The a lot of important and a lot of acclaimed of these films are the following:

“BOY ON A DOLPHIN”, (1957)

“Boy on a dolphin” was the aboriginal blur of all-embracing assembly anytime attempt in Greece accurately in Hydra, starring Sofia Lauren, Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. The blur was a battleground for the island which afterwards the blur fabricated it a acreage of allure for bags of tourists and abnormally a abode of anniversary and abode of artists and intellectuals of that period. The cinematographic arena area Sofia Lauren sings the song “What is Love” is one of the highlights of the movie.


The appellation conveys all the feel of the blur and the faculty of the island of Amorgos. Wonderful underwater shots that actualize a bewitched angel that glorifies the Mediterranean and the accent of accurate friendship.

Luc Besson with these appearance created a monumental, abstruse cine for all time. The bank of “Agia Anna” in Amorgos will be for the accomplished apple afterwards this cine the dejected summer we will consistently recover.


Italian blur acclimatized with an Oscar-winning film. The complete blur is filmed in Kastelorizo, a mural that is actively complex in the film’s activity and atmosphere. The beauties of the island are masterfully presented and accomplish up a altered ambience for the film.


In 2001, the island that has been acclimatized by American cinema is Cephalonia. The case takes abode during the Abundant War and finds on the island the a lot of accurate arena that her administrator could dream of. Major actors in the capital roles (Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz), admirable acclimatized landscapes ensured success and fabricated the island of the Ionian known.


Zorbas. The already acclaimed atypical by N. Kazantzakis, which translated with abundant success into abounding adopted languages, became a acclaimed American blur in 1964. The blur unfolds in the apple of Stavros, Chania. There, on a beach, we watch Anthony Quinn as Zorba dancing the Syrtaki in music by M. Theodorakis, which will become the a lot of acclaimed Greek music anytime since. The Lady Kedrova Oscar aswell belongs to the parchments of the podium. Afterwards the film, the name Zorbas will represent annihilation Greek and will become the attribute of the absolutely changeless spirit. Outstanding and the estimation of Alan Bates, who is the hero on the adverse ancillary of Zorba.


Mykonos for Shirley Valentine (1989). The name of the housewife of the blur that will become alike with the joy of activity and adulation acknowledgment to a cruise to Mykonos. Thus, the acclaimed nightlife island, the catholic environment, the abandon and the complete summer of Greece will acquisition its a lot of acceptable exponent. Tom Conti will now be the best Greek, acceptable amount and fantasy of all the housewives of the world. The alehouse that stars in the cine on the bank of Ag. John.


One of the world’s additional classical films starring Anthony Quinn. The old boondocks of Rhodes is the absolute arena of the blur in which some of the a lot of important monuments of the island are displayed. The blur is classical and its success was closed with an Oscar choice and an Oscar for the best effects. Later, the all-embracing admirers will be reminded of Rhodes through Roger Moore, TellySavalas, Claudia Cardinale, Jaqueline Bisset, Ben Kingsley starring in films filmed on the island.


Corfu with its cultural monuments, its celebrated abstruse atmosphere, and its aureate beaches, was the ideal ambience for an chance by the a lot of acclaimed catholic cinema agent. Greek adorableness is appear by the adorableness that the abettor avalanche in adulation with and the architect of the island. Roger Moore even disclaims his admired martini cocktail for the account of Corfiot wine bubbler on a cine arena at the arty admirable Theotoki winery.


Darryl Hanah and Peter Gallaher as new gods of adulation reside in the a lot of bewitched abode of summer amative adventures on the accomplishments of the Santorini caldera. The dusk and the appearance from assorted locations of the island accomplish the island a acclaimed abode of destination for all lovers.


In 2003, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft is at the aiguille of her glory, and Santorini takes off with her on some scenes of the blur that makes a difference. The bewitched angel of the caldera steals the appearance and Santorini rises to the top of the a lot of absorbing islands in the world.

“MAMMA MIA!”, (2008)

It is absolutely Skopelos! It’s about appointment Broadway’s agreeable to the big screen. The adventure is placed in Skiathos and brings the Sporades in the spotlight; admirers ascertain a altered adorableness abroad from the images that are acclimatized to the Cyclades. Throughout the film, the exoteric dominates by presenting a altered ambience of admirable beaches, chapels, and coves. The case is affected by ABBA’s archetypal songs that are abundantly accurate by Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried starring. Nothing is like the Greek Kalokeri of the film.

“THE IMMATURE”, (2014)

Italian blur was filmed absolutely in Paros, which is for the protagonists the abode of escape from the backbreaking accustomed life. Together we watch a panorama of Paros with the beaches, the villages that abduction the adorableness of the island and backpack the Cycladic scents and the faculty of the holiday.

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